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New Podcast: What Temptations Derail Your Prophetic Voice?


February 10, 2023

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The Micah Podcast

Season 2, Episode 1: What Temptations Derail Your Prophetic Voice?

Jesus’ ministry only began after facing temptations in the wilderness. What are the temptations in our preaching ministries that we must overcome in order to nurture a prophetic voice?

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Rev. Dr. Jin Cho is an Anglican Priest, who has worked for over twenty years as a pastor and a church planter.

Rev. Dr. Joy Johnson has a doctorate degree from Sacramento Theological Seminary and currently serves as pastor at Agape Alive Church in Roseville, CA.

Rev. Dr. Bret Widman is ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church and is the Director of CRUX at North Park University in Chicago, IL.

JenAckerman-Brehm (1)

Rev. Jennifer Ackerman, PhD

Director, Brehm Preaching