Doing Justice: Immigration

Jan 23, 2024

The population of the world is literally shifting. People are being displaced and are in need of help, safety, and new beginnings. Whether due to violence, war, asylum, reuniting families, or people seeking a new life, this displacement has deep implications for the church both globally and locally, but Christians are deeply divided about how to respond.

In this Micah Intensive, we will set the groundwork for a conversation about the American church’s response to Immigration. We will begin with the basic affirmation that our biblical ancestors were refugees and immigrants, which means—from a biblical perspective—we are all aliens, strangers, and refugees. How, then, should we respond to the immigrants, asylees, and refugees who are struggling to enter our countries, any way they can, legally or not? What is God’s will for us in regard to immigration, welcoming refugees, church engagement, and Christians’ response to government policy? (Please be aware that this course may include language, ideas, and images that trigger strong emotions.) 

Here is some of what we will explore together:

  • An introduction to Immigration, including Global Realities and the US Context;
  • Personal stories and testimonies from both immigrants and Christians working in the field; and
  • Biblical, theological, and social reflection on four different Christian responses to Immigration: (1) Respect Government Laws, (2) Show Hospitality Regardless of Government Laws, (3) Change Immigration Laws and the Social System, and (4) Obey a Higher Law.

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