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A Great Week for Unity in Faith/Science Podcasts

Posted 11/15/2019 in ,

Two very helpful podcasts came out this week! We at STAR often talk about an approach to faith/science unity, which simply looks as specific questions and allows both theology and the sciences to inform the answers, without fear! Often the fear is that if we allow ourselves to have that kind of openness, allowing multiple domains of study speak to one question, we’re just giving science unlimited permission to trump theology if there is a perceived conflict.

TheoPsych convener, Oliver Crisp, spoke with Jim Stump at Biologos about this very issue. As a theologian, Oliver spoke into this fear, and discussed ways that we keep the conversation moving in both directions, giving each domain the appropriate type of authority.

Across the pond, a thematically similar type of conversation took place between Sarah Lane Ritchie and Tripp Fuller (both participants in TheoPsych seminar 1) at the University of Edinburgh. Their institution offers several theology/science-related degrees, with a focus on not just talking about faith/science integration in the abstract, but rather, doing research on specific questions in an integrated way. There are some great examples in their conversation that help you get a handle on just what this means.

Enjoy these two distinct styles of podcasting, and let us know what you think! We hope it enriches your understanding of how we don’t just talk about, but how we DO faith and science.