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Jan 24, 2022

Pastors discuss leading from their social location.

In each episode, familiar Micah voices Jin, Joy, and Bret engage in courageous conversation inspired by current events and themes from the Micah Groups curriculum, First Things. These three friends and co-laborers in the Kingdom address some of the most challenging issues facing pastors and ministry leaders today through their own questions, truth-telling, proclamation, and plenty of laughter.

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Episode 1: Does the Church Feel Like Home?

So many forces in the world tell us we don’t belong, but the heart of God calls and seeks us to come home. As church leaders, what is the home toward which we are leading our people? How do we help others feel at home in the church, when we may not feel home there ourselves?

Episode 2: Did the January 6 Insurrection Reveal a Post-Christian Church?

For years, a pressing conversation in churches has been around the missional challenge of engaging a Post-Christian culture. This episode presses that conversation further in discussion of Russell Moore’s recent Christianity Today article, “The Capitol Attack Signaled a Post-Christian Church, Not Merely a Post-Christian Culture.”

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Read Micah Facilitator Steve Norman’s New Book

The Preacher As Sermon helps us remember that we’re disciples first, exploring 10 specific roles we take on throughout the preaching process. By embracing each role more fully, we can move beyond being sermon-writing machines or human megaphones to becoming an active participant in all that God is doing through our hearing and speaking of his Word.

Read Micah Facilitator Sherine Greene’s New Book

Awakening bears witness to the most egregious disparities between African American people and white people caused by the structural injustice inherent in virtually every institution in the United States. The authors’ eye-opening research leads to deeper understanding of what Black people have suffered and to seeing without excuse the very real harm caused by racism.

Watch This Video Series with Brehm Center Artists and Church Leaders

In this Fuller Studio Features video series, Brehm Center artists and church leaders reflect on the diverse ways that the arts enliven, shape, and define their faith, their theology, and their work. Look for our own own Micah Mobilizer, Jin Cho in A Transformative Word.