In 2016, INHERITANCE Magazine, the Brehm Center, and the Fuller Asian American Initiative (now Center) came together to host Altered Egos, a conference on Gospel, Pop Culture, and Asian American Identity.

Featuring a lineup of Asian American pop culture creators, cultural commentators, and ministers, the sessions were filled with conversation surrounding Asian American identity and cultural representation. These dialogues can now be seen as prescient, taking place at a time when Fresh Off the Boat was just beginning to establish itself as an ABC family staple, and years before the success of Crazy Rich Asians and Killing Eve.

Perhaps now more timely than ever, Centered is re-posting video recordings of the Altered Egos conference, hoping that they can speak into our current cultural moment. We continue with this video of award-winning author Gene Luen Yang (New Superman, American Born Chinese, The Shadow Hero), talking about moving from marginalization to ownership of his own narrative.

National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature and award-winning author Gene Luen Yang talks about “how he became an Asian American,” how he became a cartoonist, and how his life inspires his work.

Centered is a resource hub for Asian American Christians, providing devotional, practical, and theological content for believers and ministers.


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